Saturday .NET links in action

There's nothing like a batch of programming links to help push down that third sausage gravy biscuit. HangZhou Night Net

Mike Zintel's blog has some really awesome screenshots of .NET code running on the Xbox 360. I hope that this whole .NET/Xbox attempt comes to fruition. In case you didn't hear, Microsoft is bringing C# programming to the Mac with WPF/E, which stands for Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere. On Tuesday, the company announced that it would be shipping the first version of WPF/E at the beginning of next year, and it would be shipping the device version in the latter half of has an overview of the B# language. B# is "a tiny, object-oriented, and multi-threaded programming language that is specially dedicated for small footprint embedded systems." It supports delegates, namespaces, abstract and concrete classes, and interfaces. On the embedded side of things, it supports boxing/unboxing conversions, multi-threading statements, field properties, device addressing registers, interrupt handlers, and deterministic memory defragmenter.At MIX06, the Internet Explorer team showed that IE 7 could indeed display standards-based designs. Using the CSSZenGarden site as a demo, the browser flawlessly displayed the website. Besides the demo, it was also announced that IE 7's layout is complete.Microsoft has released MSBee Beta 2. MSBee allows developers to write code in Visual Studio 2005 but still target the .NET 1.1 Framework.If you are looking for something similar to LINQ, check out Karmencita. It's a subset of the object query language and allows for querying structured data that resides in memory.If you are a developer, you know there are times when you get that huge feeling of relief because something you did actually works. Pingmag has tried to identify eight possible good feelings , at least in the case of web design. When you're writing code, what makes you let out a big sigh of relief?

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