gets face transplant, grows a few new limbs

Earlier today, Microsoft gave its site a substantial upgrade. While the site was so slow it was almost unusable for a bit, it is now up and chugging along just fine with several new additions and improvements. 老域名购买

The first improvement that is visible at is a complete user interface overhaul. There’s now big blue tooltips, a "Directory" menu, all kinds of galleries, and multiple pages. Now that Microsoft allows for several AJAX-enabled pages, users won’t be confined to cramming all of their feeds, gadgets, and other links into one page.

The new upgrade to also brings about several changes that deal with RSS feeds. The freshly updated Windows Live Search allows users to search for feeds and add them to their pages. Feeds can also be discovered and added to pages through the Windows Live Toolbar. Aggregated feeds stored in OPML files can also be imported to a page for easy viewing. Basically, has been developed with the RSS fanatic in mind; that would be me.

While RSS is the headliner of this update, other improvements have also been made to the site. The performance of the site seems to be much faster. There’s very little delay between clicks (e.g. hiding and showing panels), and I was easily able to jump from page to page. The interface also feels cleaner. The bulky windows have been replaced with smaller but more detailed panels. And finally, I really like the expandability of the directory. It really is like using a web-enabled Windows Explorer.

From all the updates that has gone through, this one just might be the most significant. It’s the first time that I have found the site to be useful and not just eye candy. Take a look at the update for yourself. Is it something you’d like to call homebase?

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