God of War designer talks about being recognized at Taco Bell, and the importance of value

There are onlya handfull of gaming developers and artists we know by name. Will Wright, Sid Meier, Carmack,Miyamoto, Kojima. We know them because they have strong personalities and interesting ideas about games that rise above the normal crap that the me-too houses crank out. No one really knows why David Perry is famous. He is handsome though. Rawr. 老域名购买

David Jaffe is the newest name that a lot of people recognize. God of War was an incredible achievement, even moreso since it blew away most Xbox games on a system many people consider under powered. The guy still seems to have a good head on his shoulders though.

I’m putting together a talk for the DICE conference, and of the pictures I’m putting in my slide show, one is the old Service Merchandise where my parents used to take me to buy games, and the other is a Red Lobster where me and my brother would go after going to the Service Merchandise and we’d wait on our food. We’d be dying to play the game, and all we had was just the box and the instruction manual that we’d be pouring over at dinner. I’ve never forgotten what it was like, how special it was to drop $40 or $50 on a game and how important entertainment was since we didn’t have a lot of money. Even though I don’t make games for little 8-year-old boys, I’m always thinking about being an 8-year-old kid and how special that was, to buy a game with my dad. We really are asking for a large financial commitment on the part of the consumer, and we have a very big responsibility to entertain them and fulfill them. It’s always something that I remember and carry with me, and I’m happy about that. I know a lot of people who get a little jaded. We get so many free games that it’s really important to step back and realize that most people aren’t that fortunate in this sense and that these are important purchases for them.

Aw, I’m getting all misty. I did enjoy reading his speech though, once gaming becomes your job it’s very hard to remember how fun it used to be to just go into a store and buy a game you were looking forward to playing. Of all the things to get jaded about, gaming should never be one of them.

The entire interview is golden, who would have thought you’d get props at a Taco Bell?

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